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Skinny Strong: How it Happens and a Technique (G.T.G.) for achieving it

Skinny Strong: How it Happens and a Technique (G.T.G.) for achieving it Weighted Vest: Doorway Pull Up Bar: "The Naked Warrior" by Pavel Tsatsouline: Traditional weightlifting increases both size and strength. For most people this is ideal and doesn't come with any drawbacks. However, there are instances where it's more ideal to gain strength and power without the addition of extra bodyweight. This is a common situation for anyone in athletic events involving weight divisions or those working on bodyweight skills such as pull ups or vertical jumping, which are easier to perform at lower body weights. In these instances the strength of the body can be increase via neuromuscular efficiency training with little to no increase in muscle size. The technique explored in this video is known as "greasing the groove", a term coined by kettlebell guru Pavel Tsatsuoline. This technique can create amazing gains in strength, power, strength endurance and strength skill in a relatively short period of time. Chapters 0:00 Intro 0:57 Two Types of Strength 2:00 Greasing the Groove 4:00 Example Grease the Groove Routines
Naturally High Testosterone Levels after Age 35!

Naturally High Testosterone Levels after Age 35!

LMR Adaptogenic Supplement: Discount Codes: YTMOVERS for 5% off any order & FREESHIP for free shipping on orders over $160 ZMA (only one I could find without magnesium oxide): Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) has become the go to low testosterone treatment for men over 35. However, there is a lot of scientific research to suggest that TRT may be completely unnecessary for most men. For men without any pathogenic issues, changes in lifestyle factors can boost testosterone without the potential negative side effects of TRT. The primary goal of these lifestyle changes is to reduce the total load of physiological, emotional and mental stress. This can repair the stress response mechanisms of the body and in most cases, improve natural levels of testosterone. Researcher David Handlesman: Losing weight causes increases in testosterone levels: Exercise had greater effect on testosterone than calorie restriction: Tribal Tsimane Community: Stress hormones block testosterone: Cortisol Suppresses Testosterone: Cortisol decreases muscle mass: Cortisol Decreases Physical Performance: Adrenal Health decreases with age: HPA Axis degrades with exposure to long term stress: Adrenal aging effects androgenic hormones:,undergoes%20several%20modifications%20with%20age Testosterone levels decline with sleep quality: Adaptogenic Herbs normalize the adrenal glands and repair HPA axis: #testosterone #testosteroneboost #trt
Shaolin Horse Stance: Training for POWER & Health

Shaolin Horse Stance: Training for POWER & Health

The Shaolin Workout Book (basic kung fu movements and exercises): Shaolin Online Training School: Website: Instagram: Complete Book of Shaolin (really comprehensive kung fu book, covers history, philosophy, basic exercises, martial application, etc...): Being a movement trainer as well as martial arts coach, I'm a big fan of movement culture and the pursuit of body-mind mastery through movement practice. I train using movements from boxing, capoeira, kickboxing, kungfu, and other eastern martial arts as well as calisthenics, aerobics, acrobatics, and yoga. This movement journal is mostly me immersing myself in my passion and sharing it with anyone who is interested. This first journal entry is about the horse stance from shaolin kung fu. Its a great movement for: *deep hip stability and strength *opening the hips to provide mobility *strengthening tendons in the hips *creating power for fighters *creating stability in the central column (the spine) *and rehabbing the negative effects of sitting to long I use this movement mainly for maintaining power in the movements that require deep hip activation and for reversing the negative effects of sitting too long (a side effect of my love for art). Whether your an artist, a desk worker, a competitive martial artist or a just a human movement junky, I can't recommend this movement pattern enough. Give it a try and see what you think. Leave a comment below to describe your results.
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