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Hello, I'm Josh and I'm passionate about illustration, movement and understanding the human experience. My content creator journey originally started out as an illustrated youtube channel I I worked on in my little spar time for fun. Now it's expanded into this blog and hopefully numerous other projects in the years to come. 

I'm a neuromuscular therapist and corrective movement coach by trade, but in the past I've coached boxing, kickboxing, parkour, gymnastics, and natural movement. I've worked with pro athletes from the NFL, MLB , Crossfit, USTA. and PGA as well as NCAA and Olympic athletes. A lot's been learned during that time about performance, movement dysfunction, injury prevention and peak mind set. This blog is my opportunity to share what I've learned about these topics which I hope will help others in the ways I've seen it help myself and my clients. 

And finally this blog is also meant to share and connect with others about this crazy journey of life we are all on. I chose movement as a central point of the blog because movement is life. Movement is action, action is  behavior and eventually it becomes our human character. The way we move is the way we live and the person we habitually become. I hope you enjoy your personal journey of becoming and perhaps you can find parallels with which to relate and learn from within the pages of this blog. 

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